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Unsecured loans

no mortgage loan application conditions and the handle method
application no mortgage loan borrowing people of conditions, generally need meet following 4 points:
1. has People's Republic of China nationality, can provides effective identity proved of has completely civil capacity of natural;
2. has stable of wage income, has as scheduled reimbursement loan of capacity;
3. no bad credit records, loan not as stock, and purchase, and gambling, uses;
4. Bank loans for other conditions.

handle method
1. must provides you of effective identity proved, including ID, and account this, and live card, and married card, documents;
2. must provides stable of live proved, can is housing rental contract, and water electricity paid receipt, and community property management, about proved;
3. must provides stable wage income source proved, if is Bank remit account way received wage of, needed provides recently of wage card of water proved.

unsecured loans and credits apply
1. Bank unsecured lines of credit: for most loan applicants, apply for unsecured loans generally preferred channel is through bank loans, banks in order to get more of the market, meet the requirements of the funding requirements, also launched a range of unsecured loans. Many banks also chose to cooperate with fast and easy credit, to provide users with more convenient loan application, consumers only need to submit a loan request in a fast and easy loan information, Commissioner of bank credit that will take the initiative to contact a loan applicant, replacing the cumbersome banking procedures.
2. apply for unsecured loans in microfinance companies: with a few not eligible for bank loans of the borrower, or you can try to find a regular credit or microfinance company loans. But the borrower must determine the normality of a loan company, in case of fraud, causing economic loss to himself.

application amount
1. individual work and income: when the Bank approved the loan applicant qualifications, groups that are more likely to have a steady income. So if the borrower can pay water provides more than half of the Bank, then better help to smooth credit.
2. individual fixed asset: a personal fixed assets such as real estate or cars, indicating that individuals have certain economic base and the ability of repayment, typically received high credit ratings.
3. personal credit records: personal credit records are important factors of Bank borrowers ' credit rating, the Bank will consider the borrower's credit history, and credit card usage, including whether the loan in full and on time.


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