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4 Bank mortgage loan approval can be easily rejected

In order to get a higher loan, many people do for housing replacement, on the road to Bank mortgage. However, in this way, not everyone can go smoothly, sometimes under the influence of some objective factors will inevitably face the challenges and dangers. Next, you may wish to let us count with, on the what to the "stumbling block", lending the road blocking "stuck".
1. housing
without the consent of the mortgage without the permission of others while the other properties that are available to apply for a mortgage loan, but the consent of the owner is fundamental to the success of the revolution. Once through this line of Defense, they shudder instinctively terminate cooperation, away from the potential burden of legal disputes.
to prove you're not home "Marauder", in addition to the written authorization of the mortgage to provide the Bank with the consent of the owner, when handling notarization of mortgage, homeowners also need to appear in person.
, acting in strict it seems that even if the House is your property before marriage, personal, nor arbitrary, mortgages alone, you need consent of the spouse to avoid Bank have a sense of crisis has the potential to get involved in property disputes.
2. housing has price no city
face "buyers" housing this event, Bank of dictionary in can no "muddle along" a Word, but around "variable now capacity strong" this items keywords, wrote has a chapter housing "5 don't" principles: don't area is less than 50 square meters, and don't room age is greater than 20, and don't mortgage in the of property, and don't small property room, and don't purchase not full 5 years of affordable houses. If your House could meet the emotional release, then the distance across the approval mark is close at hand.
3. lacks stability
compared to unsecured loans to strict eligibility criteria, mortgages have relaxed a lot, income thresholds can be straight down to two thousand or three thousand Yuan, gives low-income people a place to breathe. However, full of feelings at the same time, the Bank also do not forget to keep the "bottom line", taking into account the steady work as a source of repayment strong protection, require at least 3 months to work at the unit.
personal credit loss as the saying goes, better take a good, hard to borrow again. Road loans good credit, can lead to success. Occasionally forget their repayment, it is excusable in a Bank, as long as the bank credit don't get broken, "three tired six-" the bottom line, is that it can contain. The so-called "three tired six", that is two years overdue for more than three times in a row, or cumulative over six times.

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